Our Expertise

Today more than ever, retail customers have purchase options - and fingertip-ready information with which to make decisions. In this new environment, brands must use new technologies to deliver always-on, personalized experiences to stay relevant and drive preference.

Aimia works with top retailers like Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Hallmark, CVS, Husky, Sainsbury’s, Hot Topic, Rack Room Shoes, and Kirkland’s – to ensure that at every point of customer choice, these brands are preferred.

We understand that successful retail loyalty programs have several commonalities: meaningful and relevant value propositions; the integration of rich customer experiences across shopping and social channels; the responsible analysis and use of shopper and transaction data to create powerful, personalized communications; an engaged and informed retail associate “salesforce”; the ability to drive true incremental behaviors and the element of fun.

Our capabilities include:

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