Intelligent Research: Aimia’s Customer Research Solution

We help our clients understand their customers’ attitudes and subconscious behaviours to make more confident business decisions.  We have a range of proprietary tools, creating fast turnaround solutions to common business questions, and a bespoke research service that can be tailored to your exact business needs. 

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Featured Research

Aimia Loyalty Lens

The Aimia Loyalty Lens is an annual study that we have been conducting since 2014. We track customer attitudes to brands, data sharing and privacy, and engagement with technology. In 2016 we surveyed over 15,000 respondents in nine countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Middle East, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States. The 2016 findings will be shared in three parts according to the industry of focus including Retail, Grocery and Financial Services.


Consumers In Control: Are Consumers Accepting or Deflecting Your Messages?

We know that consumers see their personal information as valuable and expect better customer experiences in return for it, but are they really willing to share their data to get it? We worked with Columbia University to identify the 4 mindsets consumers exhibit when making decisions about sharing their information.  



Are Consumers Ready For A Digital Revolution?

Infographic: How has consumer behaviour changed in the face of new technologies and platforms?